Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Slam Dunk Contest is Back

Last night the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk contest provided one of the most interesting dunk competitions in a long time. The evening had drama, theatrics and even gimmicks which have been sorely missing from the event for several years.

The evening hit its high point when Nate Robinson performed a show stopping dunk.

Dressed in all green, Nate Robinson or as he referred to himself "Krypto-Nate", dunked over last year's slam dunk champion Dwight Howard. Howard a gracious prop, was wearing his signature "Superman" cape, which he wore last year when he performed his winning dunk.

Costumes aside, the feat was impressive visually, especially since Howard is close to seven feet tall, while Robinson is listed as a mere 5'9".

Further proof that the dunk contest is back, was the announcement that LeBron James would compete in the 2010 event.

Now if Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter decided to compete too we'd have something really special.

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