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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chaka in Land of the Lost (2009)

Ain't It Cool News has released the first image of the character of Chaka in the new Will Ferrell film Land of the Lost.

I think the movie could be an enjoyable mix of nostalgia, trademark Will Ferrell humor with great action and impressive special effects.

For whatever reason, this image of Chaka makes me giddy with anticipation. The idea of actually remaking this silly show from my youth busts me up to no end.

Also in case you haven't seen it yet, here's the teaser poster for the film.

Yes, that is indeed Danny McBride in the film as Will. Anna Friel plays Holly.



Here's the new super bowl spot for the film as well.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Shaq Loves Kobe and Phil

In an interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Shaquille O'Neal revealed that he loves Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson and holds no hard feelings against them.

He says he only thinks of good times when remembering their time together.

Shaq even went so far as to say Kobe Bryant is the MVP of the league and Phil Jackson is the greatest coach ever.

As for the well publicized past problems with Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, Shaq states, "It was all marketing."

He also boldly claims that the Kobe and Shaq duo is "still the greatest little-man, big-man 1-2 punch ever created in the history of the game."

Shaq then reminds everyone that the Lakers won 3 out of 4 NBA championships and probably would've won 6 or 7 by now if they had stayed together.

Shaq was my favorite player when he was with the Lakers. Still one of my all-time favorites to ever play. Such a shame that things turned out the way they did.

He should have retired a Laker.

Let's hope that all the ill will and drama in the past can be put to rest for good now and Laker Nation can be reunited in peace.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Antonio Margarito Suspended

Before getting his butt whipped by Shane Mosley at the Staples Center on Saturday January 24th, news was revealed that the hand wrap for Antonio Margarito was found to have a plaster type substance on it.


You concrete.

Margarito was, of course, forced to rewrap his hands before his fight against Mosley.

As a result of the discovery Antonio Margarito and his trainer have been temporarily suspended from boxing until further investigation.

I can honestly think of nothing more despicable than using a foreign substance on a hand wrap during a bout.

In boxing, an unspoken and obvious understanding exists that if a fighter is going to punch their opponent in the face and the body using all their force and might, a price will have to be paid to their own body as well.

After his bout with Oscar De La Hoya for example, Manny Pacquiao's hands were so sore and swollen that he was unable to sign autographs for fans. Instead, he took pictures with all of them. To demonstrate that he wasn't just lazy or ungrateful for the support of his fans after his fight.

The fact that Margarito possibly cheated before his bout with Mosley, draws into suspicion all the victories he's had in his past, notably his vicious knockouts of Kermit Cintron and Miguel Cotto.

In his fight against Cotto, a plaster doctored hand wrap would explain much.

Cotto was criticized for running from Margarito throughout that entire 11 round bout. Cotto a brawler by nature was in the unusual position of leaning on the ropes and running from Margarito who stalked him relentlessly.

After getting hit repeatedly, Cotto's only recourse was to look for sanctuary from Margarito's vicious heavy punches against the ropes.

Could it be that Cotto was running from a guy with concrete in his gloves?

When Mosley stood up to Margarito in their bout together and insisted on fighting in the center of the ring, Margarito honestly looked mediocre and outclassed.

He failed to hurt Mosley at all.

This was the same Sugar Shane Mosley who lost a brutal, close, action-filled bout to Miguel Cotto.

I'm not condemning or judging Margarito, that is, until the truth is revealed.

But given the circumstances, it would explain alot if Margarito indeed used illegal hand wraps in his fight against Cotto.

Who in their right mind would want to stand in the middle of the ring with a guy with concrete hands?