Monday, February 16, 2009

I Miss Shaq

Yesterday Shaquille O'Neal won the NBA All-Star MVP, ironically sharing the award with former teammate Kobe Bryant.

I admit like most of the media, I was caught up in all the nostalgia.

The Los Angeles Lakers have simply not been the same since Shaq left.

Sure, they've been playing great lately but they still lack that bigger than life personality that Shaq provided.

This past weekend the media had been toying with the idea of Shaq possibly one day coming back to the Lakers but it's not realistic.

Besides the obvious salary dynamic, Kobe Bryant wouldn't want the distraction and he wants to win a championship without the big man....which is his prerogative and right.

I guess.

Kobe was able to endure the mediocre years, he should get to enjoy the fruits on his labor.

Plus any trade for Shaq would probably have to include Andrew Bynum and you'd have to be clinically insane to make that deal. Injury prone as Bynum is, he still has tremendous upside while Shaq has made it clear that his retirement is pending.

Truthfully, I would just like to see the Lakers win another championship for Phil Jackson.

I don't care how they do it.

So that Red Auerbach and the Boston Celtics can hold one less NBA record.

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