Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Boyfriend Experience

My friends over at Totally Sketch have created a parody trailer of the film The Girlfriend Experience starring porn star Sasha Grey and directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The clip is funny without seeing the original trailer. But for proper perspective first watch the trailer for The Girlfriend Experience.

Here's the well made parody trailer directed by the talented Michael Gallagher and starring my friend Lon Harris.


Totally Sketch comes out with funny original videos every Thursday. Check out the official site at

Sunday Scores and More

My friend and former co-worker Jon Moncrief has decided to start a radio show on the Sports Journey broadcast network.

Guess who he asked to be his co-host?

If one has visited this site before they'll note that besides movie reviews and posting trailers, I'm also an opinionated and passionate sports fan. I've always been a big follower of athletics, especially of the local teams and boxing. But since I've worked the past several years covering sports news, as well as doing extensive sports research for and I have spent the majority of my life in media and theater performance, this feels like a logical next step.

The title of the show is Sunday Scores and More and our premiere episode streams at 10AM Eastern, 7AM Pacific on June 14, 2009 at on the Sports Journey network. Each show is archived for download so if one misses it live they can still catch it at their own convenience. The show will air at the same time every Sunday.

The host and creator of the show is Jon Moncrief. He has been in the sports industry for most of his life. He is currently a writer covering the Los Angeles Kings for He has also written for publications such as That's Life Magazine, The Bergen Record, The Florida Times-Union,, and New Jersey Blitz Magazine. He was lead writer for 4CHOSEN The Documentary, which won Best Documentary Film at the 2008 Garden State Film Festival. Jonathan also was lead writer for North Jersey Sports Showcase in 2004.

Since he's a big East Coast guy, he has asked me to provide some West Coast flavor and perspective to the show. Besides listening to us blab, Crief (short for Moncrief) has lined up an impressive line-up of guests and personalities from the sports world.

So please visit Sports and check out the show. Should be lots of fun.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Surrogates starring Bruce Willis - Trailer

Surrogates looks like an interesting commentary on the virtual reality, social networking community.

It's actually based on a graphic novel of the same name writen by Robert Venditti. Not sure how faithful it is to the source material however.

But an interesting premise nonetheless and a good star vehicle for Bruce Willis.

Surrogates directed by Jonathan Mostow opens September 25, 2009.

LeBron James playoff 3 point buzzer beater

I hate the "Witness ad campaign."

LeBron James is far from a savior of any kind.

He hasn't saved anything.

The NBA and Nike were financially profitable before his arrival. Same thing with Sprite or any of his other sponsors.

I guess he's been a savior for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But that's not saying much.

He hasn't even won an NBA Championship...yet.

I've always thought of LeBron as a overhyped Scottie Pippen.

Magic Johnson in his prime would've ate him up.

But he is capable of amazing things, like last night's amazing 3 point buzzer beater.

I was lamenting the impossible hole that Cleveland would have to climb out of in the series, when LeBron pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

I still think Cleveland has a huge mountain to climb, but LeBron gave them a chance with his amazing shot.

Which means for at least for one night.... he truly was a savior.