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About Ray Manukay

* Industry: Internet / Entertainment
* Occupation: Social Media Manager and Web content specialist
* Location: Los Angeles : California : United States

Ray Manukay is a passionate and opinionated sports and film enthusiast. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is the former Social Media Manager and marketing assistant at Kingdom Worldwide Web operations. He was also one of the very first web content editors at . He also worked as a part-time shift manager at Laser Blazer, a popular DVD store in Los Angeles for several years.

Ray is also a member of the Screen Actor's Guild and was a working actor for several years. He attended college at Chapman University where he studied theater performance. He has been nominated several times for the Irene Ryan Acting Award for performance and has received several meritorious achievement awards from the American College Theatre Festival for playwriting and directing. Ray has performed with Shakespeare Orange County, Fullerton Resident Theatre Company, Long Beach Playhouse, South Bay Center for the Arts, Rancho Santiago College and was a recipient of a full scholarship with the prestigious Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts in Lenox.

Ray Manukay

To work with a talented and dedicated team to produce high quality work in a challenging and exciting, fast paced environment.


Social Media Community Operative, Ayzenberg Group
November 2011 – Present
Salary: $40,000
• Tracking sentiment using JitterJam
• Community manager for Twitter and Facebook
• Message Board Moderator
• Customer Service
• Branding

Social Media Manager, Kingdom Worldwide Web Operations, Inc.
April 2009 – Present
Salary: $50,000 plus benefits
• Managed web sites
• Organized and utilized company's Social Media Marketing campaign
• Wrote and created network of blogs
• Content Editor
• Marketing assistant

Web Content Editor,
February 2007 – April 2009
Salary: $40,000 plus benefits
• Managed web pages
• Wrote news articles and biographies
• Managed part-time employees, assigned research topics
• Web research and organization
• Search engine optimization

Shift Manager, Laser Blazer
March 2003 – 2009
Salary: $32,000
• Opening and closing store
• Manage inventory
• Supervised employees
• Customer service and Cash Register 

Merchant Teller,  Bank of America
February 1990 – February 1997
Salary: 30,000
• Bank Teller 
• Customer Service Representative
• Cash management 

Chapman University
BFA in Theatre Performance 
Orange, California

St. Bernard High School,
High School Diploma
Playa Del Rey, California

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Performance Reviews


"Raymund Manukay’s Macbeth, without delving too much into detail and subtext, is a forthright and honestly confused political parvenu. He doesn’t understand his failures, thinking he’s totally right to begin with, and especially in his “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” speech on hearing of Lady Macbeth’s death, Manukay has a reserve and a distracted air that is effective." - October 20, 1998, Los Angeles Times

Cloud Nine:

"All the actors deftly carve portraits of characters making the uncomfortable transition between eras. Raymond Manukay is exceptional as the boy in servitude to the African raj and as the career-conscious Martin in Act 2."
- October 16, 1997, Los Angeles Times

Ah, Wilderness:

Raymund Manukay stands out for his naturalism and reserve as the crafty salesman who lures Belle away from a tiddly Richard."
- March 26, 1998, Los Angeles Times


"As the stable owner who hires Alan and furthers his passion for horses, Raymond Manukay is solid and strong." - October 25, 1999, Los Angeles Times

Personal Interests:

Favorite Sports Teams:

* Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
* Los Angeles Lakers
* San Diego Chargers

Favorite Movies:

* The Godfather
* Citizen Kane
* To Have and Have Not
* Batman Begins
* The Contender
* The Dark Knight
* The Assassination of Jesse James
* There Will Be Blood
* The New World
* Empire Strikes Back
* City of God
* Down By Law
* Miller's Crossing
* Henry V
* The Verdict
* Raging Bull
* Apocalypse Now
* Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
* Once Upon a Time in the West
* Goodfellas
* Spartan
* The Third Man
* Pulp Fiction
* Heat
* Raiders of the Lost Ark
* Clockwork Orange
* Streetcar Named Desire
* Barry Lyndon
* On the Waterfront
* In the Mood for Love
* Chungking Express
* The Untouchables
* Punch Drunk Love
* Nothing But The Truth
* Children of Men
* Midnight in Paris
* Warrior
* The Social Network
* Inception
* Public Enemies
* Star Trek
* Zombieland

Favorite Television Shows

* Mad Men
* Sherlock
* Luther
* White Collar
* Boardwalk Empire
* Downton Abbey
* Curb Your Enthusiasm
* Hell on Wheels
* Louie
* The League
* Nip / Tuck
* Sons of Anarchy
* Breaking Bad
* The Office (British Version)
* Extras
* Eastbound and Down
* Arrested Development
* Dexter
* Rome
* The Sopranos
* The Walking Dead
* Seinfeld
* Game of Thrones
* Spartacus
* Battlestar Galactica
* The L Word
* Ghost Hunters
* Destination Truth
* Ghost Adventures
* Ancient Aliens
* Man vs. Food
* Deadwood
* The Unit

Favorite Music:

* The National
* The Swell Season
* Phoenix
* Tom Waits
* The Black Keys
* Vampire Weekend
* TV on the Radio
* The Strokes
* The Thermals
* New Found Glory
* The Flaming Lips
* SilverSun Pickups
* RadioHead
* U2
* White Stripes
* The Killers
* Weezer
* Nirvana
* Pearl Jam
* Beastie Boys
* De La Soul
* Nick Cave
* N.W.A.
* Beatles
* Black Crowes
* Rolling Stones
* New Edition
* Bob Marley
* Dido
* A Tribe Called Quest
* Spoon
* Sparklehorse
* Fiona Apple
* Cat Power
* Feist

Favorite Books

* True and False: Heresy and common sense for the actor
* Respect for Acting
* The Godfather
* Interview with the Vampire
* Jurassic Park
* The Last Season
* Collected Works of William Shakespeare

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