Saturday, February 07, 2009

Observe and Report - Red Band Trailer

I'm not one of those people who is sick of Seth least not yet

Although, I agree the guy seems to be one of the most overexposed actors in the Hollywood publicity machine right now. I also acknowledge the fact that he does, seemingly, appear to be in every comedic film being made in the United States.

But his latest film, due out on April 10, 2009, titled Observe and Report
seems to be a change of pace for him.

First off, the character he portrays in this film seems to be mentally unstable in the film. But most importantly to Seth Rogen critics, he doesn't appear to be playing his usual affable good guy with a wicked sense of humor role in this film.

His character actually might just be a creepy dick or an actual asshole.

I think an explanation for this comedic stretch for Rogen is that it's directed by upcoming director Jody Hill, who directed the hilarious Foot Fist Way.

Jody Hill seems to have an uncanny flair for inappropriate humor. My favorite type.

Judging from this trailer, Observe and Report has no illusions of trying to be an audience friendly PG-13. In fact this film seems to be drifting more towards the NC-17 rating range.

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