Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Watchmen Trailer

A new trailer for the Watchmen was released at the Spike Awards.

It's basically the original trailer, with new scenes and images sprinkled throughout the clip.

I have to say the footage looks cool, but I'm still wondering if they are selling the movie as something that it's not...especially the uninitiated, non-comic book fans.

The Watchmen is a mystery and a drama, with some action....actually not as much as one would think in a comic book film. The book is basically a lot of guys in outlandish suits sitting or standing around and talking.

If it's anything like the novel, the trailer sets up the film to be something it's not.

An excellent article by Dan Doodswen on Empire Online makes the same point.

I'm just hoping for a good movie, still hard for me to imagine the filmmakers telling that story in less than two hours.

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Anonymous said...

It's over two hours. Close to three, I believe.

I hope it's good, but my expectations are very very low at this point. It doesn't feel like Watchmen. It's glossy, hip, overly stylized.....

That's not the book.