Friday, October 17, 2008

Boston Strikes back...

I rarely....ever... give the Red Sox kudos....and I'll be caught dead before I ever cheer for them but as a baseball fan, last night's win was pretty impressive. With the Sox down 7 runs going into the bottom of the 7th inning things sure looked dire.

Too bad they are only delaying the inevitable.

It'll be pretty difficult to take two in Tampa from rabid fans looking for the first World Series appearance for the Cinderella Rays.

In unrelated Boston news...Mark Wahlberg has finally responded to the "Mark Wahlberg Talks to the Animals" SNL skit.

Something tells me he's serious...and Sandberg should probably hire a bodyguard.

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Evan The Gamer said...

Yeah, no one talks shit about Mark Wahlberg and gets away with it. I hope Mark tears Sandberg's head clean off.

haha... of course I'm joking, BUT what if that is to be true? Yeah, you're right Ray, he's better off hiring a bodyguard.