Monday, October 06, 2008

Angels Heartbreaker...

There's a lot of ways to lose a baseball game. But tonight's game was especially painful.

Lots of what if's....

What if Kendrick handles the double play ball in the fifth?

What if Scioscia didn't call for a bunt in the ninth?

What if Aybar actually lays down the bunt?

What if Willits plays the pop ball for a single instead of diving for the ball in the ninth?

What if Gary Matthews Jr. is in right field instead of Reggie Willits in the ninth?

But when it all comes down to it....the Red Sox were the better team.

The Angels should've been able to overcome all that adversity.

The Angels were out-played, out-coached and overwhelmed.

It's especially painful for the young players. There's little doubt that they carry the most blame for the team's poor play in this series.

Howie Kendrick was horrible, simply horrible, defensively and offensively.

He honestly didn't deserve to be on the field. He looked overwhelmed by the experience. It was the kind of performance that can destroy an entire career.

Hopefully he can overcome it.

Erick Aybar was only slightly better, his blown bunt killed the season for the Angels. It's a burden he will sadly carry for a long, long time...until he can one day, possibly, redeem himself.

I feel horrible for those guys. It's going to be a long off season for them.

Mike Scioscia over-coached the team at times, and under-coached in others.

Not his finest all.

His really poor showing, in all honesty puts him in the hot seat.

This team did not look prepared. They looked nervous, tight, and overwhelmed.

As much as I like Scioscia...I don't know who else to blame for that poor showing.

Very sad. Heartbreaking.

All I can say...with a heavy, heavy, wait until next year...again.

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