Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kimbo Slice loses bout...EliteXC loses much more

Kimbo Slice lost a nationally televised fight against unknown fighter Seth Petruzelli today.

Petruzelli was a late scratch for Ken Shamrock, who dropped out when he suffered a cut to his eye during training.


Usually the "Rocky" type story is an inspiring tale.

But in this case, this victory by Petruzelli could doom EliteXC.

Kimbo Slice was the face of the company.

The question is... now what?

Nobody is going to watch a fight on CBS with some unknown MMA fighter headlining. Never mind that Slice was probably not a true mixed martial artist, at least not yet.

He was interesting though.

EliteXC was obviously bringing him along slowly, letting him face over-the-hill recognizable fighters, so he could get some exposure and more experience.

Now they're screwed.

Even Petruzelli was in damage control by stating, "He didn't train for me, I didn't train for him. That's what happens."

For what it's does look like Slice was caught by a punch that an uneducated fight fan might call "lucky".

Maybe they could build on that.

Doubtful though.


Evan The Gamer said...

Damn... and of course, I missed it. There will probably never be a fight like this again.

Oh well... YouTube to the rescue!

JDM said...

You mean Gina Carano can't carry the banner?