Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2

I found this image of Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2 via Dark Horizons and also through the blog of my friend Lon Harris.

Not sure what of it.

Word is Rourke will be performing his role speaking in mostly Russian. He also spent some time in a Russian prison preparing for the role.


No doubt Rourke is back. But what is up with that costume?

Dude, looks like a silly extra in an episode of Farscape.

I liked the first Iron Man movie.

But ironically what I liked about the film had nothing to do with the action or comic book elements.

I pretty much just enjoyed Robert Downey Jr.'s take as Tony Stark.

Truth be told, I thought a lot of the movie felt kinda silly and the action felt almost like a television movie of the week. Especially in comparison to The Dark Knight. Almost like an A-Team television reunion.

Well...maybe not that bad. But close.

I'm sure it was just the limited budget. I trust Jon Favreau. I'm sure he'll deliver a great movie with a bigger budget.

And I'm sure there's an excellent explanation for that outfit that Rourke has on.


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Anonymous said...

yeah i think this is the "mark 1" whiplash suit. He will eventually get upgraded armor probably with Hammer's help.