Friday, June 05, 2009

King LeBron James the Loser?

LeBron James finally apologized to the media and fans for skipping the mandatory news conference following the Cleveland Cavaliers loss to the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Sort of.

David Stern fined the NBA star $25,000 for not taking his media medicine and for refusing to discuss the Cavaliers disappointing series loss.

Stern stated, "He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose. He understands why it was necessary for me to fine him $25,000 for missing the media availability."

Much has been made by the media and fans for LeBron James not congratulating the Orlando Magic players after losing the series, which is customary and for LeBron James leaving the arena in an insolent huff without talking to anybody.

Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports even went so far to call LeBron James a loser.


Not as a player in a game either...but a loser in terms of his character.


He has a point. Little League players are taught to congratulate each other after games. If we expect it from our kids shouldn't we expect it from our most revered athletes?

Supporters of LeBron James will say that it's his competitive fire, his fear that he'd say something he'd regret. The anger and disappointment in the series loss being too much for him to explain appropriately.

But isn't this what he's paid for?

He's paid to entertain, which includes taking his lumps when things go bad. If he gets the acclaim when they win, then he should get the blame when they lose.

It's unquestionably immature and poor behavior from someone who should know better.

The question I have is....why are we surprised?

We're talking about a guy who's nickname is "KING JAMES" and "THE CHOSEN ONE".

Seriously folks.

"THE CHOSEN ONE" as in The Savior, in essence "a basketball god".

Poseidon is the "God of the Sea". Apparently, according to the media, LeBron James is the "God of Basketball".

We're supposed to be surprised when "The King" ignores the pleas of his subjects? Or when a "god" ignores the humble prayers of his worshipers?

This is what we get when we anoint someone as all powerful.

I've stated before that I hate the media coverage of LeBron James. Not sure how the inappropriate media coverage of James got started, but it is now spinning way out of control.

We've gone from playfully calling players "Magic" and "Dr." to giving a talented player, who hasn't won a championship yet, a deity status.

I thought calling Michael Jordan, (Air) an element was pushing it.

But calling LeBron James a god?

Not only a god, but one that we must sit back in awe of and "witness"?

It's sickening.

What's worse is that the media is now shifting attention away from the deplorable behavior of LeBron James and towards the Cleveland Cavaliers so-called "crucial off-season". Crucial because the team must make moves to keep LeBron James in Cleveland.

Cause they must appease the God with a suitable sacrifice.

It's disgusting.

So...apparently... the Cavs have to give LeBron James a championship on a silver platter in order to make it enticing for him to stay?

Instead of expecting LeBron James to lead a team to a championship, the front office MUST build a "Dream Team" around him or he'll bolt to another team as a free agent.

How did things get turned around like this?

Truth is, LeBron is just looking for an excuse to leave and I say good riddance. If he wants to play in Europe or worse with the New York Knicks more power to him.

He'll learn that changing teams doesn't equal winning a championship.

Winning a championship takes unquenchable desire, overcoming intense adversity, displaying unquestionable heart and proving one's unmatched talent.

Greater players than LeBron have been unable to win a championship. Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, Karl Malone and Dominique
to name a few.

It's one of the few things, LeBron, "a King" cannot summon on a whim or "a god" cannot conjure at will.

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Crystal Arcand said...

Well said! It's nice to see a sports fanatic that knows the most important part of the game and isn't afraid to speak up for it. Too many of us have forgotten the value of sports - it's for building and teaching character, not just entertainment.