Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daybreakers Trailer

I'm sick of Vampires.


The excellent film Let the Right One In failed to make my top ten list last year because I am just so sick of the genre. In the late 90's and the early part of this decade, storytellers were using the Vampire mythology as a metaphor for the AIDS crisis.

Which is STILL going on by the way.

But, unfortunately, the entertainment industry is done raising awareness about that cause...apparently. I'm not sure WHAT is inspiring this recent trend of vampire entertainment which has overtaken the industry.

Perhaps it's this generation's fascination with vanity, celebrity and mortality?

The latest entry into the vampire canon is the film Daybreakers directed by twin brothers Michael and Peter Spierig.

Judging from the trailer, the film seems to be making a statement about the exhaustion of natural resources and the corruption which happens when there is a limited supply.

Interesting take and definitely timely. Certainly looks action packed, has a good cast and is visually stimulating as well.

We'll see.

With True Blood on everyone's mind, I'm not sure if it'll help or hurt the film's cause.

Daybreakers is tentatively scheduled for release January 8, 2010.

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