Friday, November 07, 2008

OldBoy - U.S. Version

Variety is reporting that Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are set to respectively direct and star in a U.S. remake of the excellent Korean mystery film Oldboy.

The fan boy crowd is obviously upset by these turn of events.

Although I agree that the idea of remaking this film for U.S. audiences seems strange. Especially since the original film comes from a very Korean perspective of honor, revenge and redemption.

But I don't think the film in the hands of Spielberg and Will Smith will be a total disaster.

The Departed was proof that Asian films can be successfully translated for American audiences.

Spielberg is capable of very dark material and the casting of Will Smith lends an extra edge of affability to a character who is seeking unspeakable revenge.

I believe that the film with its current creative team is an upgrade over the previous team of Justin Lin and Nicolas Cage.

I do have concerns however, especially considering the shocking subject matter. I think if the filmmakers compromise the original story and twist employed in the original film than it should honestly be considered a complete failure.

But I have faith that won't be the case. Especially in light of the accurate translation of The Departed.

No need to fix something if it isn't broken right?

I'm also looking forward to seeing how the rest of the casting turns out.

In the end, it's a chance worth taking. A bad U.S. remake doesn't take away from the greatness of the original.

I look forward to seeing the film.

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