Sunday, November 09, 2008

Glory Days

I was recently doing some SEO research on me and my site and I stumbled upon some reviews of my theatre performances in college.

It looks like the Los Angeles Times has released a batch of archived reviews.

Without spending too much time researching and reminiscing....cause that would be kind of pathetic...I found three reviews.

Apparently...judging from these reviews... I might have been pretty good.

Here's an excerpt from a review of my performance in Macbeth.

"Raymund Manukay’s Macbeth, without delving too much into detail and subtext, is a forthright and honestly confused political parvenu. He doesn’t understand his failures, thinking he’s totally right to begin with, and especially in his “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow” speech on hearing of Lady Macbeth’s death, Manukay has a reserve and a distracted air that is effective." - October 20, 1998

Then some more kudos in the play Cloud Nine.

"All the actors deftly carve portraits of characters making the uncomfortable transition between eras. Raymond Manukay is exceptional as the boy in servitude to the African raj and as the career-conscious Martin in Act 2."
- October 16, 1997

And yet another review from the play Ah, Wilderness.

Raymund Manukay stands out for his naturalism and reserve as the crafty salesman who lures Belle away from a tiddly Richard."
- March 26, 1998

And finally another review from the play Equus.

"As the stable owner who hires Alan and furthers his passion for horses, Raymond Manukay is solid and strong." - October 25, 1999.

So what do I take away from all this?'s that I'm fucking awesome....and I'm heading to Broadway. I suggest everyone start kissing my so I can mention you in my Oscar acceptance speech.

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