Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Congratulations Don Wakamatsu

Being a die hard Los Angeles Angels fan, it's hard for me to give kudos to another baseball team. Especially to a team in the same division as my beloved Angels. But just to show that I'm not a heartless slob, I wanted to take this moment to officially congratulate the Seattle Mariners on hiring Don Wakamatsu.

Wakamatsu is the first Asian-American ever to be named manager of a Major League Baseball team.

Being a Filipino-American, I can't downplay the significance of this moment.

It's especially heartwarming to consider that my son now lives in a world where doors that were previously closed to people... are now open.

So congratulations Don Wakamatsu.

Unfortunately...from this moment on I will now be rooting against Manager Wakamatsu...especially against the Angels or in any game that will affect the Angels chances to reach the post season.

It's nothing personal Mr.'s strictly business.

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