Monday, April 17, 2006

Do you see dead people????

What the hell is that on my baby's face?

Yesterday we had Easter at my In-laws house.

Brayden's first Easter.

When I first took the picture above, I noticed that foggy look over his face on the preview window. I didn't think anything of it at first. I just thought that maybe my digital camera wasn't completely focused. But then when I downloaded the picture onto my computer I was really confused by what I saw. Especially when one compares the picture to this next shot I took literally two seconds later.


I guess there's two different scenarios.

One scenario is that I caught some kind of energy or spectral mist..... maybe even a ghost. To support that particular theory Erin's mother passed away several years ago,in the very room that this picture was taken, literally inches away from where this picture was taken. Being sentimental, it's rather heartwarming to think that Erin's mom is watching over our son.

The second scenario is that Brayden was moving, and I caught the blur from his movement. To support this theory notice that Brayden's arm is positioned differently in the first picture. The odd thing is that if one zooms in on his neck area there is a blur by his neck too.

Who knows?

Well, in any case..... isn't my baby adorable? I mean really freakin cute. Don't ya think?

Sometimes I look at him and can't believe that we share the same DNA.


Benson said...

yeah, your baby is adorable..congrats man!

Myst3r1o said...
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Myst3r1o said...

No, Ray, you're wrong! The first thoery is correct.

Notice how Brayden in the first image is like somehow "reaching" out to the beyond of something that's actually right in front of him? I've heard that babies can see unexplained things in their life, but when they get older, they forget, just simply as what they saw never happened.

And also if you look closely, behind the white ghostly image, you still see Brayden's face, as if you're looking throw the spirit of some sorts and Brayden's face is clear as the night's sky.

So, I believe in all my all heart and soul that that is an actual spirit that got cought up in the moment when you took the picture and when you took the second picture seconds later, the spirit simply moved on or relocated to somewhere else in the house.

Anyways, the first thoery is correct.

Anonymous said...

Dear ones, at the exact moment I viewed picture #1, I immediately saw my, Beloved Sister. This is the, "Absolute Truth." I know without a doubt that she is, Watching over, "Brayden." She is so, Proud of the, Miracle you both created. She will always be with him as she still is with all of us! I wish we could be there to share in this, Joyous time in your, Live's. He is such a Handsome little guy! Keep sending and adding picture's. "God's Blessings," to the new, Family of three. We love you so much, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Earl xoxoxox

Melody said...

Awww.. what a handsome baby and pretty mamma too! :)

Anonymous said...

Quite cute, quite cute indeed. Glad baby and mom are home safe & sound.

Lons said...

Arm move. Sorry, dude. Cute baby, absolutely, but no ghost picture.

Would you really wish that on Erin's mom, though? Eternity hanging out in that room, occasionally spooking your infant son? I hope you at least leave on a TV in there or something when you go out, cause it must get BO-RING.