Sunday, April 16, 2006

New Banner Header!!!!!!!!!

So just a little change.....for the better.... here at Ray's Lucky 13.

I have a cool new banner header.

My buddy Mysterio created the banner for me. If the reader knows me, they'll know my knowledge of computer's is pretty limited.To be honest I don't know jack shit without the copy and paste function using my little mouse. So it's really cool to be related to someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing.

The images are from some of my favorite movies. The banner features from left to right Brando from The Godfather, then Robert De niro and Jean Reno from Ronin which is written by my favorite playwright and screenwriter David Mamet (who used the pseudonym Richard Weisz ), and the last image is from Michael Mann's Heat.

So a lot of testosterone....I admit.... I may be over compensating.

In any event I think it's pretty cool.

The quote I have on the header is a little motto I try to live by.

For some reason the quote is incorrectly attributed to Oprah Winfrey. I don't know why....maybe she's gotten so big that she can just go around stealing quotes claiming she came up with it on her own and people automatically assume she did.

The truth is the quote is from Thomas Edison.

I don't know why it has poignant relevance for me.

Maybe because I like the IDEA that luck can be controlled, or maybe that all things kind of happen for a reason.

The hilarious thing is that I remember first reading the quote from my cheap plastic throw-away Chapman University bookstore bag after I had just spent an absurd amount of money on text books. I remember proudly thinking to myself....I might not be able to pay rent or eat food in a couple of months, but I actually learned something today.

I then became depressed because I realized that I didn't actually pay for the knowledge I attained.... it was something that was given to me....for free.

In any case my financial loss is the reader's gain which I now pass on to the reader here on my blog....unless one has heard it on Oprah already.

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