Friday, April 28, 2006

Just Checking in......

I know.......I know.

Well, I just want to let my two readers out there know that I haven't fallen completely off the face of the planet. I apologize for the lack of posting.

I haven't had time to watch any movies and to be honest I haven't really had too much to post about.

I guess I can bore the reader with stories of customers complaining about late charges on their account. Also I can share my experiences of waiting in traffic after work.... as I head to rehearsal. But I'm guessing there's not too much interest out there for that.


Anyways.....I'm going to write about this more in a coming post but I'm in an original play that will make it's world premiere (I hope that sounds important) May 12th. The Ghost light District is comprised of some of my closest, dearest, and most talented friends. The play is called "Dot Gone" and it opens at the 24th street theater in Los Angeles. It runs for 4 weekends..... I believe. I'm going to write more about it as the day approaches.

As for tonight...I'm actually going to watch a play starring Al Pacino in a production of Salome. I'll definitely write a review of the production....If I'm able to get there on time. Which I'm actually worried about this second. I'm hoping that Pacino shines. I've been really disappointed in his movie roles lately. I would justify his poor performances by saying to myself that he's just in it for the he could do theatre. Well I hope I'm right.

Hopefully I'll get to watch some movies this weekend to review....but I can't make any promises.

Anyways...I'll be back soon. Thanks for visiting.

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