Friday, May 18, 2007

Spurs win....but N.B.A. loses

The San Antonio Spurs just finished off the Phoenix Suns.

And I mourn for the N.B.A.

I'm not saying that the San Antonio Spurs didn't deserve to win the series.

But the truth is, the series was tainted by the inexcusable suspensions of Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudemire by the N.B.A.

Justice was not served with their suspensions.

To tell the truth, I'm not a fan of the Phoenix Suns...actually far from it.

The Suns knocked out my beloved Lakers two years in a row, and also knocked out my second favorite team the Clippers in the Western Conference Semi-finals last year.

In all honesty I'm not even sure the Suns had enough to beat the Spurs in the series.

But I do know when something is rotten in Denmark.

As a basketball fan I feel cheated, and betrayed.

I didn't see a series played on an even field.

With one swift move the N.B.A. stepped in, and with technicalities and the letter of the law ruined a N.B.A. season.

Destroyed it.

I can't imagine what Phoenix Suns fans are feeling right now.

I don't even think San Antonio Spurs fans are feeling good about the way the team has advanced to the Western Conference finals.

Just saw an interview with Tim Duncan....even he doesn't feel great about it.

It's a hollow victory.

That's the truth of it.

I was hoping that Phoenix could push the series to seven games, to take some of the sting of injustice off.

But the burden was just too much.

Now we fans are left with a shallow, and empty, and frankly worthless playoff experience.

Congratulations David Stern you managed to alienate many fans, lose countless others, and put a black eye on a semi-enjoyable season.

And his excuse that the Suns brought this upon themselves, is just shameful, and embarrassing.

I'm just grateful that my Son is not old enough to understand basketball, so I wouldn't have to explain the situation to him.

Imagine if he was a Suns fan, and I tried to explain what happened.


Unfortunately, I'm sure that scenario is playing out in many homes in Phoenix, as I write this.

Dear Mr. Stern......

Please keep your mouth shut, quit sticking your nose in places it doesn't need to be, and please fade away into the background so we aren't reminded of one of the N.B.A.'s biggest blunders in the history of the game.


Thank God I still have Angels Baseball.

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