Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Giambi and Percival to Angels?

Some interesting rumors involving the Angels came out today.

Looks like Troy Percival is bored with retirement, and wants to come back.

Apparently he's giving the Angels first chance to negotiate.

Also the buzz in New York is that the Angels are keen on acquiring slugger Jason Giambi.

Fun stuff, but I don't think either move addresses the Angels biggest need.

What the Angels sorely need is a power hitting third baseman.

They still need to fill the hole left when they let Troy Glaus walk years ago.

With Garret Anderson returning from the injured list, and Shea Hillenbrand starting to heat up. Not to mention Juan Rivera possibly coming back later on in the season, why would the Angels be interested in Jason Giambi?

It's clear there is not going to be any room at D.H.

Also the Bullpen doesn't need another power arm, with Shields, K-Rod, Justin Speier, and Hector Carrasco holding down the fort. Percy would have to be regulated to mop up duty, something I'm sure he wouldn't enjoy.

Look for Percy to end up in Philadelphia....maybe even back at Detroit.

Obviously it would be fun and sentimental to have Percy back, but the Angels just don't need him.

The Rumor that had me the most excited was the one earlier this month involving Garrett Atkins.

I think that deal would make the most sense.

Atkins is young, a power hitter and plays third base.

The Angels have young pitching to offer and can also throw in one of our middle infielders like Figgins, Izturis or Erick Aybar.

Sounds like an easy deal to make.

But the truth is this is all much ado about nothing.

Bill Stoneman is incapable of pulling off an in-season trade.

Seriously. Incapable.

Not to be mean, but his track record speaks for itself.

Whatever the reason Stoneman just can't.... or won't... pull the trigger during the season.

It's unfortunate because I believe the Angels are very close to being a Championship Caliber team.

Very close.

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Anonymous said...

I just read about Giambi over at Highbrid Nation and the writer over there really put things in perspective for me. The media has really blew the whole "performance enhancing drug" thing out of proportion. Seriously, I'm not saying its ok to use these drugs but can we please stop acting like these drugs give athletes some kind of super human advantage over thier peers.