Thursday, December 15, 2005

What do you see?

What do you think this picture is ?

For some strange reason, some people are unable to make out the image they are looking at. For me it's obvious. But I'm curious to see if you'll able to notice what it is. So I'll give you a minute to analyze the picture.

Okay, back?

Well if you don't know already, the picture is of Brayden.....

inside of Erin's belly. It's a sonagram image of him from about a month ago.

I was inspired by the movie 40 Year old virgin, you see there's a scene where everyone is watching a video of one of the workers unborn child, and all the other characters don't see the baby. They say things like, it's a weather chart or something silly like that.

We've only showed it to a few people, I believe my mom and Rosalyne can see the baby. But our friend Jago, and Erin's dad can't see the little guy.

If you don't see him he's laying horizontal, with his body facing towards us, and his body is towards the right of the picture. The top of his head is towards the left of the picture. You can even see some of his fingers curled under his chin.

He's basically just chillin'.

What's cool.... is that if you look even closer...... he's wearing an Angels Jersey.

We're going to get one of those 4d sonagrams in a couple of weeks, apparently it's almost as good as drilling a hole in the belly, and taking a picture through that hole. I'll post the best picture when we finally get it.

It'll be interesting to compare the two.

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