Friday, September 11, 2009

Juan Manuel Marquez drinks urine

I guess Juan Manuel Marquez will do anything to win a fight, including drink his own urine. That's right. According to Juan Manuel Marquez it makes sense to drink your own urine because vitamins are lost when we pee, so why not put them back in for a second time?


I almost threw up when I saw that during HBO's Mayweather Marquez 24/7.

For the record drinking his own urine or not, I think Juan Manuel Marquez is going to lose to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd is just too big and too strong at this point in his career. But to tell the truth I don't expect much action. They will probably be a lot of running on both their parts in a hope to win by decision.


Anyways, a win by Mayweather Jr. should set up a potential mega-fight against Manny Pacquiao. Assuming Pacquiao gets past Miguel Cotto, which should happen.

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