Thursday, May 21, 2009

V (Remake) Promo trailer

Since they remade Battlestar Galactica....why not "V"?

I loved the original "V" television mini-series.

Marc Singer kicked ass.

Everybody knows Independence Day totally ripped that show off.

This remake actually looks pretty good. I like the way they are incorporating the use of modern day social issues... always good when doing sci-fi.

I also like the casting of Elisabeth Mitchell and Scott Wolf.

It also looks like they are incorporating the whole sexual undertone of the original show, because if one recalls, that's all those alien lizards did was have sex with humans....that and eat mice.

Can't wait for the half-human, half-lizard baby birthing scene.

I'm bummed it's not on the Sci-Fi network though, where it would probably be given a decent chance. On a big network like ABC they would probably cancel the show after just one episode if it doesn't do great in the ratings.

Let's hope it gets a good chance.

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