Monday, March 09, 2009

The Face of Shakespeare?

Apparently this is the face of William Shakespeare.

The portrait is dated around 1610, which would mean it was done about six years before his death. It was unveiled today to the press. It is believed to be the only painting of Shakespeare made during his lifetime. The image also reportedly sheds some more light on who the Bard actually was. According to experts, the image contradicts previous notions that he was a struggling artist. Reportedly the garment that Mr. Shakespeare is wearing in the portrait is the clothing of someone of upper class, not working class. The intricate lace on the collar supposedly being the main clue of his wealth.

Also Shakespeare has previously been seen in portraits as balding. Such as this famous drawing which was made AFTER his death.

Maybe people remembered him wrong? Jealousy maybe?

Who knew? Turns out Shakespeare did resemble Joseph Fiennes after all.

Which should make the ladies happy.

Here's the full pic.

Handsome devil. Don't you think?

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