Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah are no Laine Hanson

While watching the press on Sarah Palin yesterday, I kept thinking of the movie "The Contender".

But then reality set in and I found out she's definitely no Laine Hanson.

She is against Pro-Choice, Gay Marriage and is a gun toting fan of hunting, as well as a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

Oh yeah....she's also a Republican.

She's actually more like the hypocritical Sheldon Runyon.

Check out her penchant for scandals here.

Here's what the director of "The Contender" Rod Lurie had to say about John McCain's pick.

"People who understand politics know anything is possible," he said. "Picking a woman is an absolute strategic idea from McCain’s point of view. He’s not talking about governing right now. The idea of this woman actually facing down Putin and negotiating with Medvedev is idiotic."


Ah well...."The Contender" is still one of my favorite movies....even though it's practically a fairy tale considering the real world of politics.

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