Monday, June 04, 2007

Too Much Depth?

Usually I believe that a team never can have too much depth.

But the Angels have too much depth.

Seriously....too much.

The following is a list of players that the Angels have....on their bench, that could start on most, if not all teams in the major

Erick Aybar.

Maicer Izturis.

Shea Hillenbrand.

Robb Quinlan.

Nathan Haynes

Jose Molina.

In the minors the Angels have the following players who could start on many teams.

Kendry Morales.

Joe Saunders.

Jeff Mathis.

Brandon Wood.

Curtis Pride.

Tommy Murphy.

Keep in mind this is WITHOUT touching the starting line-ups and current pitching staff.

That's a lot of depth....lots of material to work with to get one more power bat....possibly the last piece in a championship puzzle.

Can ya do it Bill Stoneman??? Or better yet..... will ya do it????

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