Sunday, October 15, 2006

A son of many talents!

American Idol watch out.

My wife took some pictures of our little cub the other day, and I was scanning through them on the computer, catching up with his exploits that I miss while I am at work, and to my surprise, I noticed that she captured him displaying some unusual supernatural abilities.....especially for his age.

He's only 7 months, but he's obviously a musical genius.

If one needs proof.......take a look at these pictures.

Yeah, that's right he sings......but unfortunately when I'm not around.

I coyly pressed my wife for some details, but she refused to report any unusual abilities. Perhaps she's afraid that his talents may draw the attention of Julliard who may force her to enroll him in a preschool program to hone his obvious vocal talents so that he may share them with the world.

When I told her it was okay....that I wouldn't share the secret with anyone. She merely looked at me like I was insane....which unfortunately is a look she gives me a lot.

Just when I was ready to give in, and admit that..... maybe..... she may have just caught a moment of unusual coincidence.... I saw this next picture.

Check out that finger placement.

I saw Anchorman.

We all did.

It's obvious what he's doing here.

He's obviously playing the jazz flute.

I'm now in the process of examining ALL his pictures, which is considerable, maybe catch other remarkable moments that my wife is afraid to share with me. I was thinking that I was just missing diaper changes, and mid-day naps while I'm at work.

When it's obvious there's a prodigy in my midst.

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