Tuesday, August 01, 2006

V for Vendetta

Here we are, already in August and there hasn't been one movie that I can confidently say will be on my top ten list.

The wait is over.

V for Vendetta is beyond a doubt one of the most interesting, thrilling, and most moving movies that will come out this year.

There's a lot to like about this movie. It has a great story, thrilling suspense, exceptional performances, quotable dialogue, and exciting action pieces.

Quite simply, it's the best movie I've seen this year.

A mysterious lone figure known simply as V, (Hugo Weaving) uses his considerable abilities, which includes martial arts, to cause havoc, and protest the totalitarian society and corrupt leadership of future England.

His complex and detailed plan to bring down the government, is side tracked by the presence of a young woman named Evey Hammond, (played by Natalie Portman).

Can Evey put aside her fear and listen to her heart in order to help the heroic V? Or will the relentless Inspector Eric Finch ,played by the excellent Stephen Rea, stop V from fulfilling his plan to change the world.

When considering the film it's impossible not to notice the political statement the film is making.

The movie is making a rather obvious comment about the current political climate, there are inferences, and analogies throughout the film which echo the current affairs of the world.

There's issues dealing with the corruption of the media, the way politicians use tragedies to solidify power, and the government's use of ignorance and fear to pacify the masses.

It's really controversial, and subversive stuff being discussed in the film.

But those issues are packaged in a great, action and suspense filled film.

At times the movie is even quite romantic, and moving.

It really is the essence of what great art is all about.

It holds up a mirror to society, demanding audiences to consider important issues, all the while entertaining, and thrilling people looking for some harmless fun.

I really don't want to get into specifics and plot lines, I believe the movie should be watched with a fresh perspective.

But the film really features some impressive performances.

Especially from it's three leads.

Stephen Rea in particular really shines in the role of the tortured Inspector Finch who is trying to uncover the plot. There are scenes of great revelation and emotion that really showcase his abilities. I'm hoping that when awards season comes along that his performance is not forgotten.

Hugo Weaving does a fantastic job in the lead role. It's especially impressive considering that his performance is mostly done vocally. Since for the most part, he spends the film hidden behind a mask. I believe that even some of the physical work of the character, was played by someone else. Since Hugo Weaving took over the role from James Purefoy shortly after filming started.

It's a fantastic performance that really carries the film. He creates a haunting and memorable character that stays with the audience long after the film ends.

Natalie Portman shines in the role of Evey. It's a challenging role that has her exploring different extreme aspects of the human condition. It's nice to see her return to the more demanding character work that was such a trademark of her excellent early work. It's obvious that she is making strong and interesting choices in her career. It's nice to see her recognize outstanding material, and taking risks that might intimidate some of her fellow peers.

It's unfortunate that the film received notoriety about the hero of the film using terrorists tactics.

The film really isn't about that.

Ultimately the film is about hope.

It's about how humanity, and the people as a whole have the ability to achieve it's greatest potential.

How the masses can positively affect the state of affairs by understanding the greater good of all, not just the few, or the people who have power.

It's about standing up, and taking a strong position against ignorance and fear.

It's about how the government should serve the people......not the other way around.

Overall, it's just an outstanding film, and a movie that I heartily recommend.

I have no doubt that the film will land on my top ten list.....Maybe even on top.

The DVD is available now.

Run and buy it.

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