Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Unit- T.V. Show

I must be dreaming. If I am..... don't fucken wake me up.

I don't know if people out there are aware of what's going on CBS during Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. But God has answered my prayers.

There's this show called The Unit. It stars Dennis Haysbert, Robert Patrick, and Scott Foley. It's an action/drama that deals with an Elite U.S. anti-terrorist special forces team. What's unique about the show is that it tells two stories. It shows the workings, and missions of an Elite military team AND it shows the struggles and challenges of the wives and family they leave behind while they are on these missions.

I'm guessing that doesn't sound too impressive.

Did I mention it was created and is written by........ DAVID MAMET ?!!!

Yup, that's right. Pulitzer Prize winning David Mamet of Spartan, Ronin, Untouchables, Verdict and Glengarry Glen Ross Fame.

Fuck Yeah.

The show is not really groundbreaking in any way, but I love Mamet's dialogue. LOVE IT!!! It's crazy, that potentially, I'll get to watch Mamet weekly.....WEEKLY!!!

That's insane.

I'm always first in line for all of his movies so one can imagine how exciting this is for me. I'm just hoping that it catches on. I'm not sure how mainstream America is going to perceive his style of writing. I'm sure fans of his work will be disappointed that there is no explicit language in the show. But it still works. Granted my opinion is not the most objective. But I'm surprised how well the tough guy dialogue translates WITHOUT the cursing, and explicit language. He still manages to make the language intimidating, and colorful.

The show also has a lot of other Mamet touches. There's a lot of talking on phones, short clipped, measured speech. Stylized action choreography. Some of the female characters are cold, not exactly reliable....or faithful to their man.

It's Mamet through and through. I was smiling throughout the entire first episode, giddy with happiness at what I was watching.

I now have a NEW favorite television show.

I'm just hoping the show does well enough to have a DVD released. Never know though, nowadays networks give up on shows so quickly. I could deal with the show getting cancelled, if they released a DVD. It's such a special event. I just wish people knew how special it really was, to have one of our most gifted American playwrights and award winning screenwriter's doing a weekly network television show. I realize it's a lot to ask the uneducated public to embrace a stylized show like this. I know they much rather watch Skating with Celebrities or some other silly shit like that. I know it's a tough sell for audiences. If people aren't familiar with his style, it could be confusing hearing the pauses, and open ended questions, and parenthetical sentences. I'm not taking anything for granted though, as long as it airs, I'll watch, while I record every single episode, and I'll encourage everyone I know to watch.

I guess it's not a complete dream come true, the real ideal situation would be a Mamet t.v. show on H.B.O., but this is still pretty fucken great.

Weekly Mamet!!!!!

Wow, will wonders never cease???!!!!

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Myst3r1o said...

You know... my dad mentioned The Unit when it first aired, but I didn't give it much thought, I guess.

But now that you've mentioned David Mamet created the series, I think I'll have to tune in and watch the series now.

I loved Spartan, and understood everything in the movie and could understand Mamet's writing.

Hell, even Ex-President David Palmer(Dennis Haysbert) from 24 is in The Unit and it appears he's in charge of this special outfit.

Damn, too bad I missed the first episode though. :( Oh well, hopefully they'll have a recap of this past Tuesday's episode in the next new episode.