Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Even the biggest cynic in the world will have trouble not enjoying Wallace & Gromit's latest adventure. I'm sure the use of claymation will bring back childhood memories of Gumby and Davey & Goliath. But unlike those two works, this movie is very appealing for adults, as well as children.

This latest adventure finds the duo running a humane Anti-Pest company. The company is protecting the town from mischievous rabbits, as the towns-folk prepare for the annual giant vegetable contest. Troubles arise when the dangerous Were-Rabbit is unleashed on the town's gardens. It's up to Wallace & Gromit, with the help of Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham Carter) to uncover the mystery and capture the mysterious Were-Rabbit before it destroys all the crops and before the evil Victor Quartermaine can use this opportunity to hunt down, and kill not only the Were-Rabbit but all creatures that stand in his way.

First off, it's hard not to marvel at the wonderful visual work being presented here. It's simply stunning to watch. The detail, and look of the film is amazing. The movie has been nominated for the Academy Award for best animated feature, and the film is well deserving of it. Considering the movie took 5 years to make, at about 3 seconds of footage per day, it's the least the academy could do.

As far as the story of the film, I found it funny, and entertaining. The story is obviously not the most sophisticated stuff in the world, for me the movie seemed to work best in short bursts, with scenes of comedic bits, alternating with action pieces. For less patient people I can see how the story can drag for them, but overall I found this story much more fun, and definitely more effective than the movie Chicken Run which was made by the same creative team.

But there are some genuine good laughs in the film. I was surprised how much I laughed. It's also a really cute film. I mean that in a good way. I'm sure that a lot of film-makers wouldn't like that adjective attached to their film. But it's really an appropriate word to describe this film. It has little bunnies running around, the towns-folk are really fun and affable, the silent Gromit is adorable, the Were-Rabbit is big and furry. Even the evil character of Victor Quartermaine is fun to watch in a non-threatening way. I found myself smiling through the whole movie.

In short it's a fun, cute, enjoyable film, and definitely worth checking out.

The movie is now available on DVD.

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